Sunday, 12 December 2010

Crool summer

you were here last summer, my friend


                                                                                              you walked this road, back and forth
you used to come here for the best food. oh, what a treat that was!

there still is...sort of ...

then, you used to just lay there, like a king

ignoring passers-by. and they were ignoring you

                                              at night, you were the greatest dancer. 
                                              the others were too. they weren't sober, also

at dawn, you'd finally go to your room, for rest.

                                                                                         don't rock the boat anymore

but i still know what you did last summer! 

  Robbie Williams - King of the bongo


  1. Pentru cine a fost acolo...povestea are un iz deosebit...

  2. Imi plac: 3 - 7 si 9. Frumoasa povestea ta, prezentat astfel. Are si un pic de iz de Delta. Ce frumosi sunt oamenii indragostiti (ma refer la fotografia nr. 9)! :-)

  3. emotionanta povestea, fotografii extraodrinare... dor de vama veche :)

  4. faina povestea
    fotografia 9 imi place cel mai mult

  5. Imi place foarte, foarte, foarte mult! felicitari!

  6. @catalin - multu', si 'acolo' are un iz deosebit :)
    @ania - ania,chiar am si intalnit un personaj de delta, un pescar lipovean din tulcea :)
    @subscriu la 'dor',de vama si de vara
    @radu - deci esti un romantic :)
    @veronique - glad you like it!